Chemical Peels

Theraderm Jessners Peel

The Jessners peel is a safe, reliable and effective mid depth peel comprised of three different peeling agents in an ethanol base. Each of these peeling agents, salicylic, lactic and resorcinol act differently on the skin to give visible peeling with minimal complications during the treatment. Suitable for sun damaged and hyperpigmentation, pigmentation, melasma, balancing oily skin, acne and acne scaring, fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. The result is a brighter complexion, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, tone and texture improved. Blemishes will be lighter and oily skin is noticeably different as increases collagen production and elastic. It is suggested a series of 3 peels at 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results, however, after one peel many people are delighted with the result. There is little downtime and no anesthesia required with the peel self-neutralising.
Per Treatment £70 (pre & post treatment included)
Package of 6 sessions £350

Theraderm Light Peel

The Theraderm Light Peel is a superficial peel with a 70% Lactic Acid peeling solution. This is considered the ideal professional treatment as there is no downtime and peeling with skin noticeably different even after one treatment, although optimal results are 3-5 treatments at 10-14 days apart. Ideally suited for skin that needs a boost, fine lines and superficial sun damage and pigmentation. Designed for all skin types, including very dark skin and the treatment can be done as a ‘lunch time’ peel.
Per Treatment £65 (pre & post treatment included)
Package of 6 sessions £325