Amreet’s True Bespoke Facials

It has taken over 15 years to perfect the methods for our bespoke treatments, they not only support and maintain optimum skin health for long-lasting rejuvenation but simultaneously target, treat and prevent a huge variety of skin concerns and imperfections. Your bespoke skin journey starts with an in-depth consultation, your skin concerns, lifestyle and health are assessed, and a treatment plan is drawn up for your unique skin needs + skin focus, it must suit not only your skin goals but fit easily into your lifestyle. As your skin changes so will your treatments, we constantly assess and adjust your treatments to make sure your skin gets everything it needs and more.

Our Bespoke treatments are booked by time and intensity level. Our most popular treatments are the True Bespoke treatments, the True Essential Skin 1 & 2 Treatment, True Anti Age skin and True Laser Resurfacing, which are totally bespoke and only bookable after a full skin consultation. We also offer treatments for teenagers – True Teen Clean and one for eyes & hands – True Eye/Hand Rejuvenation. 

To discover which True treatment is best suited to you, book a consultation.

Bespoke Treatments

True Essential Skin
Grade 1

Essential skin treatment is an advanced and comprehensive skin treatment which is tailored to your skin and/or your social diary. This is an essential treatment for maintaining healthy skin, deep cleanse with extraction for clean pores and it is known as our ‘True glow skin booster’

Perfect for giving your skin that fresh glow and dewy plumpness with little risk of irritation. If you have mild skin concerns, need a party-perfect glow or simply wish to maintain the health of your skin while slowing down the appearance of the earliest signs of ageing, this is the perfect treatment for you. Suitable for Pregnant and Breastfeeding clients.

PRICE £80 60 MIN 6 sessions £450

Grade 2

The Essential Grade 2 takes your skin a little bit further where we can focus on long term goals. With this in mind we combine a lot of the essentials from Grade 1 and a variety of treatments that may include enzymes, mesotherapy, LED Light therapy, microcurrent and mild nano needling to really give your skin a journey which has endless options for the ultimate glow and healthy skin.

PRICE £95 75 MINS 6 sessions £500

What can you expect from these treatments?

Our True Essential skin 1/2 treatment will include multiple tried-and-tested skin care techniques handpicked and expertly combined by Amreet.

Deep Cleansing, thorough extractions, microdermabrasion, hot/cold therapy, photodynamic red and blue light therapy, lymphatic drainage, radiofrequency, ultrasound product infusion as well as an assortment of serums and masks. If extractions are included within your Essential Skin treatment you can expect to be slightly red and blotchy immediately afterwards, some peels and other treatments may also leave the skin pink and mildly flaking for several days. It’s important to fully understand that advanced skin treatments are often stimulating so some mild, temporary reactions are occasionally expected and will be discussed during our required consultation. For red carpet ready we avoid the more stimulating aspects to leave your skin calm, bright, plump and glowing.

True Anti Age skin

Our Anti Age is the most popular and versatile skin treatment we offer. It is tailored using carefully our advanced lasers and other skin boosting treatments to target your specific skin concerns while over time improving the overall health of all skin types. This is a complete powerhouse treatment for reducing or diminishing many of the visible signs of photoaging one being pigmentation, bringing inflammatory skin conditions under control and strengthening the skin from the inside out. Perfect for reducing the symptoms of moderate acne or rosacea (including veins), seeking general plumping, brightening and smoothing or wanting a long-term skin solution for overall skin maintenance and age management.

What can you expect from this treatment?

Our Anti Age skin treatment includes a thorough cleanse combining our Fotona Laser system, and additional skin boosting treatments. As we target pigmentation and red veins, others reduce inflammation associated with acne and rosacea while others stimulate circulation and cellular renewal, making them perfect for strengthening and age-management. Additional skin boosters include peels, microdermabrasion, led light therapy and more. With this treatment you see best results after several treatments and longer-term rejuvenation benefits often take months to manifest fully due to the regenerating cycle of the skin.

Depending on the exact treatment you are recommended, you will be advised what to expect beforehand as some treatments have expected temporary reactions including some redness, mild to moderate swelling, bruising, peeling and short-term sensitivity. Most of our clients leave the clinic with no visible reactions only glowing fresh skin but it is important to fully understand that advanced skin treatments are active and stimulating, so mild temporary reactions are occasionally to be expected, this is fully explained to you during our required consultation.

Due to the nature of lasers, to ensure the safest, most effective setting to treat your skin, we also carry out an essential patch test on a small area at least 48 hours prior to any laser treatment.

PRICE £120 90MIN 6 sessions £650

True Laser Resurfacing

True Laser Resurfacing treatment is a ‘one of a kind’ in skin rejuvenation and retexturising. It combines many of the elements of our popular True Anti Age treatment allowing us to customise the treatment to suit your skin’s overall needs but in addition, includes an ablative resurfacing laser upgrade. As well as boosting overall skin texture and helping to even out and brighten skin tone, this treatment is more targeted towards improving fine lines, reducing pores, softening wrinkles and reducing scarring. If you have more advanced photo-ageing, including loss of elasticity or you feel that the texture of your skin is uneven with larger pores and/or acne scarring, then this advanced skin treatment is the best option for you.

What can you expect from this treatment?

Our Ultimate Laser resurfacing treatment includes a selection of handpicked tried-and-tested lasers and additional skin boosting treatments expertly combined with ‘peeling’ ablative lasers to tackle specific concerns and boost overall skin health. The focus with this treatment is selectively resurfacing the skin using one of several ‘peeling’ laser technologies we have available. We have many other lasers that target pigmentation and red veins while others stimulate deeper circulation and cellular renewal making them perfect for strengthening and age management. Additional skin boosters include microdermabrasion, product infusion and led light therapy. With this treatment, you see the best results after several treatments, longer-term rejuvenation benefits often take months to manifest fully due to the regenerating cycle of the skin.

A peeling (AKA ablative or resurfacing) laser comes in several forms from very mild to very aggressive, some are better at achieving a tightening effect while others promote plumping and smoothing, all will leave the skin with some degree of redness, possible swelling and then visible peeling for several days. It is important to fully understand that advanced skin treatments are active and stimulating so temporary reactions and recovery time are to be expected, to get the most out of your treatment and manage the recovery time effectively, you will be given pre and post care advice. This is fully explained to you during our required consultation and the clinic is available to answer all questions during the entire process.

Due to the nature of lasers, to ensure the safest, most effective setting to treat your skin, we also carry out an essential patch test on a small area at least 48 hours prior to any laser treatment.

This treatment is often alternated with True Anti Aging Skin or done as a booster once or twice a year for age-management, for more targeted photo-ageing correction or for scarring, a series of treatments will be needed to achieve your optimum result.

PRICE £180 120mins 6 sessions £900

True Eye/Hand Rejuvenation
Fotona Smooth™ treatment

Tighten, tone and rejuvenate. This treatment is a unique non-invasive treatment for the eyes & hand rejuvenation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as lifting the upper eye, minimising dark circles and aging hands. This treatment tightens and tones the delicate area around the eyes and improves hands with impressive results. Our True Eye/Hand rejuvenation treatment would not be complete without a cocktail of boosting benefits that are uniquely tailored to your specific concern.

What can you expect from these treatments?

Energy from the Fotona laser stimulates the production of new collagen in the dermis as well as tightening existing collagen. This treatment uses Fotona SMOOTH® which enables enough high energy to be delivered safely to the skin to give amazing results without patient down-time.

The skin around the eyes and hands starts to look tighter a few days later and continues to improve over several weeks. SmoothEye™ treatment is best done once a month for 3-5 sessions to achieve optimal results.

PRICE £120 6 Sessions £600

True Teen

Teenagers suffer from acne, with the hormonal changes you go through during puberty, acne and other skin concerns can sometimes feel unavoidable and be very challenging. We can tailor treatments specifically to cater for younger, more sensitive and reactive teenage skin, which has its own unique characteristics and concerns that cannot be treated in the same way as adult skin. Amreet has created a safe place for 14-17 years old to feel confident in their skin.

PRICE £75 60 MINS 6 Sessions £380

True 4D Men Rejuvenation
Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation for Men

Fotona4D®Men is an innovative form of laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation tailored specifically for male skin.

Advantages of Fotona4D®Men:

  • protocol settings tailored specifically for men
  • immediate freshness and tightness
  • more youthful and healthy skin
  • natural-looking results
  • non-invasive
  • no downtime
What can you expect from these treatments?

Deep Cleansing, thorough extractions, cold therapy, photodynamic red and blue light therapy, combined with Fotona4D®Men, Fotona's complementary Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths are synergistically applied in a 4-step rejuvenation procedure using 3 different proprietary modes (SMOOTH®, PIANO® and SupErficial™) to enhance not only the superficial, but also the medial and deeper structures of male skin in a quick, safe and precise manner. The result is immediate freshness and tightness with more radiant-looking skin that looks naturally youthful and healthy.

Price £220  120mins     6 sessions £1000

True Hair Restart

What is HAIRestart®?

Fotona’s HaiRestart® hair growth stimulation is an effective method of treating hair loss disorders. This innovative solution is focused on stimulation dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth.

With Fotona SMOOTH® modality HaiRestart® enables treatments that ensure highly controlled delivery of energy and provide the best comfort for the patient. Practitioners can effectively and safely deliver unique temporal and spatial temperature profiles to the scalp, resulting in increased tissue regeneration and the promotion of new follicle growth.

Key Advantages:

  • Prevention of further hair loss
  • Increase of hair density and thickness
  • Promotion of new follicle growth
  • No medications
  • No down-time

What to expect from these treatments?

The method of action lies in the patented Fotona SMOOTH® pulses that gently deliver laser light to the tissue, triggering the scalp in a safe and controlled way. Fotona SMOOTH® operates at the optimal infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength (2.94 μm) that coincides with the maximal absorption in the skin.

The unique patented feature of Fotona SMOOTH® is the ability to act in a non-ablative manner, producing precisely engineered mild thermal pulses. This ensures that the laser light is delivered to the tissue gently and efficiently, heating the scalp in a safe and controlled pulsed way. The overall effect is a gentle heating of the skin and the production of growth factors, without any significant ablation of the epidermis. 6 treatments are required every 2-3 weeks apart.

Significant Results and Highly Satisfied Patients

Price £120  6 Sessions £380


(PACKAGE INCLUDES 6  HaiRestart® and 2 PRP hair restoration treatments.